Prototype SFP

In order to process a Prototype Supporting Forms Package (SFP), you must sponsor the corresponding Prototype plan document or have approval from the plan sponsor to complete the Adoption Agreement. You must provide us with a completed Transmittal Form and a completed checklist addendum. In addition you must submit a completed Adoption Agreement. The plan sponsor received blank Adoption Agreements when they purchased the Prototype or Volume Submitter "prototype formatted" plan document.

NOTE: The Defined Contribution Volume Submitter "prototype formatted" documents listed in this section are volume submitter plans that include a separate basic plan document and adoption agreements. You must have purchased the Volume Submitter plan documents to order the supporting forms packages.

All Prototype Supporting Forms Packages can be processed through our On-Demand Service via the Internet.

Prototype and Volume Submitter "prototype formatted" plans for:

  • Corbel Defined Contribution Comprehensive
  • Corbel Defined Contribution Fundamental
  • Corbel Defined Contribution Volume Submitter
  • Corbel Defined Benefit
  • PPD Defined Contribution Comprehensive
  • PPD Defined Contribution Volume Submitter

Select from several different Prototype supporting forms packages that include:

  • Summary Plan Description, written in an easy-to-read Q&A format
  • Administrative Forms (Corporate Resolution, Notice to Interested Parties, Beneficiary Designation Form, Enrollment Forms, etc.)
  • IRS Tax Forms - such as the 5307 and 2848
  • Plan Administrator's Guide - a comprehensive tool to assist the Plan Administrator or Human Resource Manager in complying with the rules governing the day-to-day operations of the plan. It even has a compliance calendar!
  • Index - a thumbnail sketch of the employer's elections - telling you where to find them in the Adoption Agreement and plan document

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