403(b) Prototype

Our nationally known industry experts have created a 403(b) Prototype formatted plan document. The prototype offers two separate Adoption Agreements: one with elective deferrals and employer contributions, and one with elective deferrals only. Both Adoption Agreements include the option to make the plan subject to ERISA.

In addition to the plan document, we offer a prototype maintenance plan that includes future IRS-required language modifications and unlimited expert consulting support on the use of the document.

Process your supporting form packages (Summary Plan Description, Administrative Forms and Filled-In Adoption Agreements) with Relius Documents via your desktop or through our Internet hosted application. For your convenience, we have pricing options for single use or unlimited volume.

The cost is $3,500 license fee for new customers with a $695 annual maintenance fee.

Call your sales representative today to order at (800) 326-7235, option 5.

403(b) Prototype
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