Eligible 457(b) Plan Service

NOW is the time to add 457 plans to your business services. More than 400,000 public sector employees participate in this type of well-planned retirement. FIS can help you expand your business, by expanding your product line.

Alternatively, you may purchase the new 457(b) language module which will allow you to produce Adoption Agreements, Basic Plan Documents and all supporting forms for prototype-formatted 457(b) plans. The supporting forms package includes a summary document that captures the provisions of the plan in a format similar to an SPD. This product will be available for both the on-demand “pay per plan” service or as part of a subscriber license that allows you to produce an unlimited number of plans for a monthly fee. For more information, please contact our sales representative at 1-800-326-7235, option 5.

With EGTRRA and PPA Updates

FIS' updated Eligible 457 Plan Service is offered with flexible deferral and employer contribution options. This easy-to-use adoption agreement format includes options to establish a:

  • Governmental 457(b) plan
  • Tax-exempt 457(b) plan
If you’re a tax-exempt organization, you should consider establishing a 457(b) plan for your management and highly compensated employees! In addition, highly compensated employees of eligible organizations - either governmental or tax-exempt - now can defer under both a 457(b) plan and a 401(k) or 403(b) plan (doubling the amount of deferrals).

The updated 457 Plan Service includes the following EGTRRA and PPA changes:
  • expanded rollover options
  • catch-up contributions
  • elimination of the offset for 401(k) and 403(b) elective deferrals
  • severance from employment provision
  • non-spouse beneficiary rollovers
  • eligible automatic contribution arrangement (EACA) provisions
  • Roth deferral and In-Plan Roth Rollover provisions

We make it EASY for you.

Who can use a 457?
Special Note: The 457 Plan Service no longer contains a 457(f) (ineligible 457 plan) option. For taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2005, 457(f) plans are subject to the new Code §409A requirements for nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements.

Section 457 Deferred Compensation plans are nonqualified plans that permit salary-reduction contributions. Section 457 applies to governmental entities such as:

  • States
  • Political subdivisions of states (e.g., cities, counties, etc.)
  • Any agency or instrumentality of a state (e.g. city, county, housing authorities)
  • Political subdivision of a state
  • Any other tax-exempt entity (other than a state)

An important and flexible plan design tool for practitioners, 457 plans provide practitioners with a valuable alternative for certain clients who are looking to provide employees with a flexible method of saving for retirement on a pre-tax basis. This type of plan is appealing because it can be established without many of the constraints of qualified plans. Plan design and coverage can be flexible. However, as always, the statutory rules and 457 regulations should be reviewed to make certain plan documents and administrative implementation of these plans adhere to the announced positions of the IRS and DOL.

An untapped market.
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Help them supplement their retirement plan.

Our 457 Plan Service includes:

  • All plan documents in Microsoft® Word, plus printed versions
  • General Instructions for 457 Plan and Completion of Adoption Agreements
  • 457 Plan and Trust Agreement
  • Adoption Agreement for use with Deferral Contributions only
  • Adoption Agreement permitting both Deferral Contributions and Employer Contributions
  • Salary Reduction Agreement
  • Participant Distribution Election Form
  • Installment/Required Minimum Distribution Election Form
  • Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawal Election Form
  • Beneficiary Designation Form
  • Instructions for Designating or Changing Beneficiary

No Annual Maintenance Fees
Prices listed on the Order Form reflect one time charges. There is no annual upkeep charge for the Eligible 457 Plan Service nor is there a per-customer charge. If due to law changes, regulations or other official pronouncements, amendments or supplements of the 457 plan are necessary, we will provide these with a cost reflecting the scope of the amendment or supplement.

Technical Assistance
For a period of six months after an initial subscription to the Eligible 457 Plan Service, our consultants will, without charge, respond to telephone or written inquiries regarding the use of the 457 plan and its operation. We will also provide other technical assistance on a consulting fee basis.