Available online, the Pension Library offers the value of three publications in one: ERISA Research Guide - Outlines & Answers, ERISA Newsletter and ERISA Forms.
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  • ERISA Research Guide: provides illustrative examples, interpretative notes on statutory provisions, practical hints on application of rules, warnings on potential pitfalls of unanswered questions, available in outline form with accompanying FAQs
  • ERISA Newsletter: delivers ERISA topics of current interest, comprehensive explanations, illustrative examples, and technical citations
  • ERISA Forms: offers access to more than 350 forms, including practical plan distribution forms, checklists, and practitioner letters in Microsoft® Word and PDF formats. Forms in Word format may be modified with your information and printed. Includes two sections containing over 50 forms for 403(b) and 457(b) plans; new 2010 post-PPA terminating plan amendments for defined contribution plans and for 403(b) plans; and other forms updated for the latest IRS guidance. The ERISA Forms can be purchased independently from the Pension Library.


  • ERISA Research Guide: reviews major substantive ERISA/qualified plan topic laws; updated semiannually for legislative changes, court cases, and DOL/IRS guidance.
  • ERISA Newsletter: delivers current ERISA topics and legislative information, knowledge delivered in clear, concise laymen’s terms; updated bimonthly.
  • ERISA Forms: helps save valuable research time with more than 350 forms; supplemented semiannually.

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