Premium Fax/Mail Service

Premium Fax/Mail Service is the perfect solution for you if you process fewer than twelve (12) plan documents a year, and desire a more "hands-on" approach.

Our expert staff will review your checklist and modify plan and SPD language upon request. Using our Premium Fax/Mail Service is as simple as completing a checklist or Adoption Agreement specifying the plan design options you choose and returning it to us. We do the rest!

Our checklists and Adoption Agreements have been developed by our pension experts - writing and refining plan documents over the years.

You can submit your checklist or Adoption Agreement by faxing/mailing it to us for processing. You're done! In ten-days or less, we'll produce your document package and return it to you in the mail. Rush (three day) or express (one day) services are available if you need it!

In that ten-day period, our team of experts will:

  • Identify conflicting selection choices
  • Check that inserted information has been filled in appropriately
  • Verify correct spelling
  • Make sure all necessary provisions have been selected as required by the checklist
  • Interpret any "special language" and insert the language in all proper paragraphs throughout ALL the requested documents or forms, as needed (Extra fees may apply)

If your checklist choices or any special language needs revisions, a consultant will call you to discuss the details. Upon completion, you receive the final plan document package printed on high quality "bond" paper. You may request your document in .pdf format via e-mail. For an additional fee, the Service Bureau will print and deliver a hardcopy package. And, you can even request to have your plan document package in a plan binder. We will also maintain the history of your file so you can request future changes that may be needed.

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