ERISA Wrap Plan Document Package for Health Plans

As you may know, you can offer benefits through various structures and combinations. For example, you could create (i) one plan providing major medical benefits, dental benefits, and vision benefits, (ii) two plans with one providing major medical benefits and the other providing self-insured dental and vision plan, or (iii) three separate plans. To pull all these plans together, you can use a "wrap" document to incorporate the various benefits and insurance policies into one comprehensive plan.

Our ERISA Wrap Document Package can help you succeed in creating this one complete plan. Relius Documents has created a document package that provides you with compliant ERISA required information while incorporating other documents by reference. Therefore, you can provide your customers with one summary plan description (SPD) that contains all the provisions required for compliance.

You can use our wrap document to join your Medical, Dental, Prescription Drug, Vision, Short Term Disability, Life Insurance, Cafeteria and HRA plans.

Our wrap document includes:
  • Welfare Benefit Plan Wrap Template with Commentary
  • Welfare Benefit Plan Wrap Template Standalone
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Summary Plan Description Wrap Template
  • Sample Board Resolution

No Annual Maintenance Fees
Prices listed on the Order Form reflect one time charges. There is no annual upkeep charge for the ERISA Wrap Document Package nor is there a per-customer charge. If due to law changes, regulations or other official pronouncements, amendments or supplements of the package are necessary, we will provide these with a cost reflecting the scope of the amendment or supplement.

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