Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for a rerun of my document?
For Self-Funded plans, the Normal turnaround time is ten business days and a Rush has a five-business-day turnaround.

For all other plans, the turnaround times are normal ten business days, rush two- to three-business-day turnaround, and 24 hour express. Additional charges apply for rush and 24 hour express turnaround times.

The turnaround time starts on the day we receive the order and ends on the day the order is shipped.
When may the Cafeteria Short Amendment be used?
The Cafeteria Short Amendment is designed to amend the following select provisions of a Premium Conversion or Flexible Spending Account plan:
  • Adding new insurance coverage
  • Changing various options for the Health Care Reimbursement Plan, including reimbursement for over-the-counter drugs, limiting medical expenses if a Health Savings Account is also provided, and changing the maximum amount for the Plan.
  • Adding employer-provided debit/credit cards
  • Adding language to handle the establishment of employer-sponsored Health Savings Accounts.
  • Making plan year changes
  • The self-designed amendment section allows a practitioner to design the amendment required.

What documents are generated with the Cafeteria Short Amendment?
  • Plan Amendment
  • Summary of Material Modifications, if applicable
  • Supplemental Participation Agreement, if applicable (allows adopting employers to adopt the Amendment)

    NOTE: The system may NOT be used to convert a Premium Conversion Plan into one with Flexible Spending Accounts--that may only be done by completing a Flexible Spending Account checklist.

Who do I contact for questions?
If you have questions, please contact our Client Services Department at (800) 326-7235, select option 6.
Can I modify a PDF (Portable Document) file?
No. At this time, we are not offering the ability to modify PDF documents. However, having a document(s) in electronic form gives you the ability to place your file on an Intranet or e-mail to your clients. PDF preserves the format of the document, which enables you to print as many copies as you wish with the free Adobe® Reader Software.

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