On-Demand Pricing

Please be advised that all checklists, transmittals, and addendums can be accessed through Premium Fax/Mail Service. The pricing that appears in the checklists, transmittals, and addendums are only for Premium Fax/Mail Service. Also, the only form of payment acceptable with the On-Demand service is credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express).

Corbel Volume Submitter/Individually Designed Plans Pricing
The Volume Submitter/Individually Designed prices (listed below) include a Plan and Trust document, Supporting Forms Package, SPD, and all notice, election, and IRS submission forms.

Cafeteria - Premium $425.00
Cafeteria - Flexible $485.00
Cafeteria Short Amendment $200.00
IDP 401(k) $670.00
IDP 403(b) $540.00
IDP Defined Benefit $790.00
IDP Defined Benefit with Cash Balance $1,345.00
IDP ESOP $790.00
IDP ESOP with 401(k) $1,020.00
IDP ESOP with Money Purchase $1,020.00
IDP Stock Bonus $790.00
IDP Stock Bonus with 401(k) $1,020.00
IDP Money Purchase/Target $795.00
IDP Money Purchase $670.00
IDP Profit Sharing $670.00
IDP Short Amendment $305.00

Prototype and Volume Submitter "Prototype Formatted" Supporting Forms Packages Pricing
In order to process a Prototype Supporting Forms Package, you must have purchased the corresponding Prototype Plan document.

Note: The Defined Contribution Volume Submitter "prototype formatted" documents listed in this section are volume submitter plans that include a separate basic plan document and adoption agreements. You must have purchased the Volume Submitter plan documents to order the supporting forms packages.

Corbel Pricing
Prototype 401(k), Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, Target, Defined Benefit, and 403(b) $215.00
Defined Contribution Volume Submitter "prototype formatted" $215.00
Corbel Prototype Short Amendment $105.00

PPD Pricing
PPD Prototype 401(k), Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, Target $215.00
PPD Defined Contribution Volume Submitter "prototype formatted" $215.00
PPD Prototype Short Amendment $105.00

457(b) Pricing
Adoption Agreements, Basic Plan Documents and all supporting forms for prototype-formatted 457(b) plans. The supporting forms package includes a summary document that captures the provisions of the plan in a format similar to an SPD. $540.00

"Prototype Formatted" Governmental Volume Submitter Defined Contribution Package Pricing
This plan is “prototype formatted” (i.e., it has a basic plan document and 2 adoption agreements). One adoption agreement is for a 401(a) plan (discretionary employer contributions) and the other is for a Money Purchase plan. The plan package includes Basic Plan Document, Adoption Agreement, Plan Summary, Resolution, and Administrative Procedures documents. $490.00

Self-Funded Pricing
The Self-Funded price below includes Plan, Claims Procedure, Trust, and Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents. $715.00