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Relius Supported Operating Systems 
FIS Relius ASP SMTP Mail Routing Information 

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Current installation and upgrade documents by version Web Page

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Administration 20.x Multi-user (Network) Requirements 
Administration 20.x Single-user (Standalone) Requirements 
Administration 19.x Multi-user (Network) Requirements 
Administration 19.x Single-user (Standalone) Requirements 
Administration 18.x Multi-user (Network) Requirements 
Administration 18.x Single-user (Standalone) Requirements 
Proposal 10.0 Hardware Requirements Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Proposal 9.0 Hardware Requirements Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Government Forms Hardware Requirements Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Administration Calculate Oracle Database Server Recommendation Web Page

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Request Edify 13 Installation Media Web Page
Administration Submit Oracle Installation Media Request Web Page
Request On-Site Installation / Upgrade Web Page
Request priority or after-hours (evening or weekend) telephone support Web Page
Personal Oracle 11 (Standalone Databases only) installation DVD3 GBImage File (ISO)
Self Signed RSA 256 Bit X509 Certificate Generation Utility Compressed File

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Suite Manager 3.1.1 and Installation Instructions Compressed File
Suite Manager 4.0 (for RRS and Oracle 11g Servers only) Executable File

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Certified O/S Patches Get Adobe Acrobat Reader