Document Consulting

The members of the Document Consulting Department are responsible for drafting volume submitter and individually-designed plans, FIS prototype retirement plans (including Corbel and PPD prototypes), cafeteria and self-funded health plans. This department is also responsible for answering questions relating to the language in these documents and for providing assistance in completing FIS plan checklists. In addition, our consulting staff conducts educational seminars, writes educational material, and maintains the technical news section of our Web.

Consulting assistance with plan document questions or assistance in completing a FIS plan checklist or FIS prototype adoption agreements is available from our Jacksonville, FL consulting department between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

1. Our highest response priority will be given to document related inquiries, specifically to:

  • completing a FIS plan checklist or adoption agreement;
  • interpretation/explanation of language in a FIS plan document; and
  • issues relating to the IRS submission or approval of a FIS document.

    Questions related to any of the above may be submitted by completing the Ask Us form or you may call (800)-326-7235. We strongly recommend that you use the Web site form whenever possible to save time and to receive your response more quickly.

2. Responses to any non-document related inquiries (such as plan administration questions) will be on a fee-for-service basis, and the following conditions will apply:

  • The fee is $320.00 per hour with a minimum fee of $80.
  • Non-document related inquires must be submitted on our Web site: 
  • Depending on the question, a consultant may respond via e-mail or may call and speak with you.
  • Response time for these inquiries will depend upon the document related inquiry workload.
  • Based on the complexity of the question and the time required to research and respond, we reserve the right to decline to provide this service for any inquiries. Should we decline to provide service, we will notify you.

Examples of document related vs. non-document related questions.