Client Services

Welcome to the Client Services Web Page. Client Services consists of the Dispatchers you reach when you call our 800 number and Client Account Representatives that will help you with everything from booklet orders to billing questions. Client Account Services is available to assist you between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST. You may contact us by phone at (800) 326-7235 or by creating an Incident Online.

Client Account Services Improves Call-In Menu Option

When you call us during business hours with general product or service related questions, select option six on our message menu to be directed to one of our dispatchers. The dispatcher will take your information - determine who you need - log the Incident into our system so the next available service representative can handle your call - provide you with a reference number - and, let you choose to receive your response by phone or by e-mail.

For software support, continue to select these menu options
  Option 1: Relius Government Forms
Option 2: Relius Documents
Option 3: Relius Administration
Relius Proposal
Option 4: Language Consulting Inquiries
Option 5: Sales Inquiries
Option 6: Document Status and Tracking for By-Mail Service
Booklet Printing Status
Product Status and Tracking
Invoice inquiries
Placing orders for SPD booklets and more

Once your call is in, you can check the status of your incident Online via WebFirst, anytime. And remember, you can still initiate your incidents via WebFirst - giving you direct access to our inquiries tracking system, and ensuring your questions are received exactly as you type them. Simply log on to Online Support from our Web site, click on Enter New Incident, complete a short form including your detailed question, and hit the Submit Incident button.

Our goal is to answer your questions quickly and accurately using proven tracking methods and call system technology, but without sacrificing the personal touch - even during our busy times. Our hope is that Select 6 will meet this goal as practically as possible by giving you access to a team of dispatchers instead of one particular client services extension.



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