Training Workshops

Even while we are producing a record number of hands-on events and training record numbers of new and experienced learners, we see a relatively small percentage of you. Internet technologies have matured that allow us to host scheduled live online events as well as self-paced programs that are available in an on-demand format.

Online training programs are focused sessions (usually 60 minutes) that are designed to enhance the way you work. Learn at your desk or conference room and put new ideas to work immediately.

Live Online Events: 4 Easy steps to participate
  1. Find a topic that interests you.
  2. Register with your Relius Administration Training Passport or with a credit card for one seat.
  3. A confirmation e-mail will include a browser link, toll free number, event passwords, and a link to the PDF file for this topic.
  4. Join us online at the scheduled date and time.

Training Passport Courses: 4 Easy steps to participate
  1. Find a session that you are interested in.
  2. Register through your Relius Administration Training Passport.
  3. A confirmation e-mail will include a browser link, course requirements, and login information.
  4. Access program content anytime for up to 60 days.
Private Sessions
Online training sessions may also be booked privately. Contact us or call Mary Brown at 800-326-7235 x5887 for more information.

We currently offer training for the following products:

An internet connection and a phone is all that you need to participate in online learning events.