Nonqualified Plan Service

Our Nonqualified Plan Service is formatted as a prototype (basic plan document and adoption agreement with "checked box" elections) and updated for the final Code §409A regulations. In addition to elective, matching, and nonelective features, the document includes other popular design options such as "401(k) wraparounds" and 457(f) plans. Employers can permit or specify:

  • Employer contributions (including matching) and participant deferrals
  • Vesting and forfeiture conditions
  • Payment methods and events
  • Investment of plan contributions (participant or employer directed)

The cost is a one time fee of $2,295 on CD in Microsoft Word.


  • Saves valuable time and money by facilitating the amendment process
  • Easy to use
  • Includes popular defined contribution type employer elections, minimizing drafting time
  • Maximum flexibility for marketing to a wide range of clients and prospects

Plan Includes:

  • NEW - 409A Outline
  • Basic Plan Document
  • Adoption Agreement with instructions
  • Options to create non-uniform benefits for multiple participants in a single plan
  • Rabbi Trust (Adoption Agreement and individually designed versions)
  • 457(f) Plan options
  • Elective Deferral Agreement Form
  • Benefit Payment Election Form
  • Designation of Beneficiary Form
  • Sample letter to Department of Labor securing ERISA exemption
  • Incorporation of the 2005/2006 transitional rules

No Annual Maintenance Fees
Prices stated on the Order Form reflect one time charges. There is no annual upkeep charge for the Nonqualified Plan Service and there is no per-customer charge. If revisions, amendments, or supplements to the Nonqualified Plan Service are necessary because of law changes, regulations or other official pronouncements, we provide these with a cost reflecting the scope of the changes required.

Technical Assistance
For a period of six months after an initial subscription to the Nonqualified Plan Service, our consultants will, without charge, respond to telephone or written inquiries regarding the Nonqualified plan document. We also will provide other technical assistance on a consulting fee basis.

Nonqualified Plan Service
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