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Date: 11/17/2017
Location: Hilton Garden Inn
City & State: Cranberry Township, PA

                                                              Western PA User Group Agenda
                                                                  November 17, 2017

8:30                 Registration and Continental Breakfast


Morning Sessions: 

9:00                 Census and Census DER - Census Information in Relius Administration consists of over 200 individual 
                        data fields for each and every participant, organized into 7 different screens and 28 tabs. That’s the bad 
                        news. The good news is what this session is all about. Relius Administration can hold a great amount of 
                        information for each plan participant. Many fields are optional, and some are simply personal information. 
                        Some fields can be calculated by the system, while others are just using the same fields over again, like 
                        payroll. Because there are so many fields to manage, we tend to become creatures of habit—we find one 
                        way that works and stay with it because finding a different way might mean delving into an overwhelming 
                        sea of possibilities. But that sea contains several tools and processes to make our data input more efficient
                        and accurate. Who knows? Maybe one new way of doing things will make our work easier, our processing 
                        more efficient, and maybe, make our whole day.


10:15               Break

10:30               Year End Data Collection -  A new web-based feature for Relius, using Relius Exchange, allowing for the 
                        gathering of information from Plan Sponsors for reconciling data at the end of the plan year for compliance 
                        and forms preparation. YEDC includes validating/updating contact information, other business information and 
                        census, along with detailed questionnaires to obtain information for annual compliance testing, contribution 
                        allocations and completion of 5500 forms. Historically, this is has been a very manual and cumbersome 
                        process using spreadsheets and back-and-forth email communications.

11:30               Contact Management System - There are a lot of people involved with our plans and sponsors, our 
                        investment partners and trustees, and a lot of things to keep track of with these. The Contact Management
                        System or CMS enables us to enter, maintain and update this type of information, and use it with all our plans.
                        CMS even allows mail merges, activity tracking and it is an important part of the Plan Sponsor Web function.  

12:00              Lunch
Afternoon Sessions: 

1:00                Takeover Plans -
Learn how to properly setup new takeover plans from setting up the plan, takeover loans, 
                       eligibility, and the options for posting the takeover assets

2:00                Using Receivables -
Contributions, particularly employer ones, have to be counted against the 415 limits for 
                       the year they are made. This means they have to be posted in that year. But it doesn’t mean they have to be
                       funded. For many various reasons, the actual contribution might not be funded or even determined for many
                       months after the end of the plan year in question. So, how can this contribution be processed in the correct year
                       and yet not be shown in the participant’s account balance until it is actually made or funded? One answer to this
                       is the receivables option. It will involve several steps, but the result will show the amount in the balances when
                       it is available while still accounting for the contribution correctly in the appropriate compliance tests.

2:30                Break

2:45                Transaction Processing Tools -
Part consultative, part tips and tricks! Learn a new approach to transaction
                       processing options and the wealth of information available at your fingertips. We also have information you
                       should incorporate into your internal procedures to protect the data.

3:30                Fees - Scheduling, Processing and Disclosure -
This overview of the fee module demonstrates how to setup 
                       global fee schedules and assign them to your plans. We will also demonstrate how to specify fees by plan,
                       division, source or investment and demonstrate the various processing options. The session will also discuss
                       the new disclosure and reporting rules and show how these can be managed in Relius.

4:00 pm           Adjournment


                                                              Western PA User Group Agenda
    May 18, 2017

8:30                 Registration and Continental Breakfast

Morning Sessions:

9:00                 403(b) Setup - What options are available and what options are necessary to successfully administer 
                        403b plans in Relius Administration.

9:30                 Eligibility, Contributions and Allocation Formulas - Get a detailed look at the Allocations Requirements 
                        form in Plan Specifications and the relationship between Eligibility, Allocations 
                        Requirements, and Formulas and Census data.
10:00               Rehires - Like the old saying goes....it’s not goodbye it’s just so long. What to do with those pesky rehires 
                        to bring them back into the fold. 
10:30               Break

10:45               Compensation Basics - What is considered compensation? What makes it up? How is it used? What are the 
                        limits? This session on compensation will answer these questions and more. The session will cover what 
                        compensation is used for in Relius, how it is defined and applied, and then how we enter or import 
                        compensation into our census. From there, the session will look at what happens to this data when we 
                        process eligibility, contributions, etc.
11:15               Partnerships/Sole Proprietorships (Ideal Salary) - Partnership and Sole Proprietor entities present 
                        special challenges for setup, calculating contributions, compliance testing and other issues. Mostly due to the 
                        use of Ideal Salaries rather than entered compensation for the partners and proprietors. In this session, we’ll 
                        look at these special steps and show how Relius can efficiently perform the needed calculations. The process 
                        works for determining contributions, compliance testing and even with the Optimizer.

12:00               Lunch

Afternoon Sessions:

1:00                 Reporting Efficiencies - We generate the results of our work in Relius by using reports. But which one? And 
                        what’s the best way? Relius Administration has over 200 different reports and many ways to produce them. 
                        There are Standard Reports, ReportWriter Reports, Queries, and other options. We can view, export, print, send 
                        them to the web, e-mail them and even combine several into one file or process a batch. We can choose our 
                        own defaults and even choose what data to include in a report. There are so many options. Our results are still 
                        the same—but the ways we present them can be many and varied. . It’s our choice. This session will look at 
                        these options as well as showcase some ‘hidden’ gems among all of the available report versions.
2:00                 Database Viewer -
Ever wonder how you could get data out of the system that wasn’t available via a report 
                        or export? Maybe you don’t need a report and DB Viewer is the answer. We will demonstrate how to query the 
                        database for information you might need as well as some simple updates to turn items on and off in Relius.
2:45                 Break
3:00                 What's New and Q&A Session - During this session, see what’s scheduled to be released for upcoming versions 
                        for both Defined Contribution and 125/Cafeteria. Maybe an enhancement request you entered previously is on the 

4:00                 Adjournment


The purpose of the Western Pennsylvania User group is to provide out members with the most current information about Relius Administration and other Relius products.  We offer low cost training for your employees, a chance to make enhancement requests directly to Relius, as well as previews of software releases.



The fall meeting for the Western Pennsylvania Relius Users Group (WPAU) has been scheduled for Friday, November 17th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cranberry Township, PA.

We are very excited to be presenting another round of exciting sessions. We’re also asking that you submit a question when you register so that we can have an interactive Q&A session that addresses your specific concerns. There’s no doubt that everyone can benefit from attendance at this meeting, regardless of qualified retirement plan experience or familiarity with the Relius suite of products.

**Please be sure to bring along your thoughts, ideas, questions and comments. The more interaction we have from all group members, the more beneficial it is for everyone.**

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Davis at (440) 498-8408 or jld@noblepension.com or Stephanie Hepler at (412) 263-0102 or 

Registration Fee: $100.00

Fee includes: Continental breakfast, lunch and all training sessions

Hilton Garden Inn
2000 Garden View Lane (GPS Users use 7076 Franklin Road)
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Phone (724) 779-9999

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